Software Product Architect, Developer, and Champion


A breed of software engineer is motivated, indeed impassioned, by creating software that wonderfully answers the needs of people and organizations. Always dissatisfied with the status quo, their discovery of new methods and tools never rests. As such an engineer my process generally goes as follows:

  1. Get out there with relevant people, ask questions, show possibilities, and learn if there is something valuable to be done.
  2. Wait until it comes together and someone “gets” it.
  3. Work the concept until its fundamental components come into focus.
  4. Test the ideas running them through these steps until the product is retired.

Indeed, from day one software engineers inquire, integrate, plan, and build. Early on it may be with napkin sketches. Later on in the early stage, there is a running product that is but a glimmer of the vision. The iterations continue and, with luck, the product does well and stays market-relevant for a good, long run.

See my for details regarding my expertise across the software development lifecycle (SDLC), across people and cultures worldwide, across industries, and with companies large and small.


  • Truly fulfilling the customer’s need with a new or revamped product.
  • Supporting the requirements of the many product stakeholders.
  • Kind, respectful, and insightful treatment of all involved.
  • Learning and humility.
  • Excellence, a process that is never satisfied.

What’s Next

  • Shall we discuss making new or revamped software products?
  • How about investigating practical ways to improve the process?
  • Invite me to participate with an exceptional team sharing my excellence in software product strategy, architecture, design, implementation, and sales support as a champion and evangelist